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Gives the Butt Hinge Look to the Concealed Hinge

Patent # 5.542.153 

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EuroButt II Gives the "Traditional Butt Hinge Look"...

...While Using and Retaining the High-Tech Concealed Hinge Advantages!

• Works with, Salice, Grass, Mepla and Blum Concealed Hinges.
• Retains All Concealed-Hinge adjustments.
• Fits into the required 3/32" (2mm) door gap.
• Alternative to standard butt-hinges.
• Doesn't need screws or a mortise.
• The only butt hinge for a pocket door.
• Barrel is 3/16" in dia. & 3 1/8" tall overall.
• Perfect for Kitchen Cabinet Hinges.
• Greatly improves the installation process.
• The only ‘self and soft close’ butt hinge with High Tech Adjustments.

A Faux Butt Hinge…That allows Designers and Cabinetmakers who use or want to use the concealed hinge, a way to achieve the traditional butt hinge look that our customers want, while retaining the advantages of the High Tech European Concealed hinge, thus solving design and installation problems.


Contact us to learn more about Our Decorative Traditional Fake Butt Hinge, the EuroButt II, and the European Concealed Hinge.

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